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Good points to remember about gifted students October 29, 2014




Article to be published in February 2015 October 27, 2014

I will have another article published in February 2015 in the Illinois Association for Gifted Children Journal 2015 on fostering multiculturalism in the gifted creative writing classroom. I will post more details as we approach February.
Stay tuned!


Looking forward to a great month ahead. I hope to see you there! #PiBoIdMo

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So true… October 20, 2014

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…as much as the world has benefited from the contributions of gifted individuals, it is disturbing…to realize that the population least likely to learn and achieve its potential is the highly gifted. –Joseph Cardillo Gifted Children: Nurturing Genius (Part One)


Taking Flight October 14, 2014

This is wonderful. There is a strong message for parents and gifted girls! I can’t wait for this book!

Random House Children’s books


Great books on Gifted Girls and Raising Gifted Girls

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Here are three fantastic books on raising and educating the gifted girl.
They are written by Joan Franklin Smutny.

Reclaiming the Lives of Gifted Girls and Women, 2007.
Manifesto of the Gifted Girl, 2010.
The Lives of Great Women Leaders and You, 2014.