Here is a fantastic piece on taking the time to listen and value our children’s dreams and goals…it is so important, now more than ever…thank you, Laura Lamere for this great post!

Laura Lamere

It’s not always easy to be supportive.

We are cranky in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

We see the chores that need to be done, appointments that need to be made,

And we focus on what hasn’t been done.

We are hungry, thirsty, tired.

We feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unloved.

We are only human.

But we are also parents.

We need to make time for our children’s dreams.

We need to give support when support is not easy to give.

Being supportive begins with listening.

When our children express interest in the arts, they are sharing a vulnerable side that takes courage to show us.

Find the courage to support them.


(“I’ve got to tell you what I feel” is a line from the movie, The Dead Poet’s Society. Video borrowed from YouTube.)

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